My Top Two Priorities as IEEE President

My first priority will be to better respond to the needs of industry practitioners. Our products, services, and educational offerings have to be more relevant to their jobs and career aspirations. I will focus on providing members in the industry with information through topical industry resource centers. Such centers with a single point of entry will help them find quality technical information quickly and in addition they allow them to continue their education, aiding to their lifelong career growth. In concert, I will work toward greater engagement of industry in IEEE.

My other priority will be to continually gauge and respond to all members’ needs. This includes delivery of affordable and high-quality products and services like journals, magazines, conferences, and industry portals. While IEEE nurtures emerging technical areas and builds communities of technical professionals around them, it needs to offer more career resources for members who must keep up with advancing technology and maintain their competitiveness in a rapidly evolving career ecosystem.

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