IEEE Qualifications

I have experience with most facets of the Institute and feel I am well qualified for the position of IEEE President. A member of IEEE for over 30 years, I have worked in positions of increased responsibility for IEEE over the last two decades. I am well prepared for the IEEE Presidency given my extensive knowledge of IEEE publications, services, products, and technical activities. In addition to being an accomplished researcher with 10,700 citations, I bring a variety of perspectives and unique professional experiences as former Editor-in-Chief, academic department chair, Society President, TAB Chair, PSPB V-Chair and as a member or chair of several high-profile IEEE and TAB committees.

The IEEE is a multi-faceted and global association. My background gives me the insights and skills needed to share and expand the IEEE on a global scale. Between my education (MS/PhD in Poland/Switzerland) and my 30 year professional career in the US, I have experience with various cultures. I’ve also spent several sabbatical years at leading universities in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, and have twice served overseas in Bulgaria and Italy as a Fulbright Specialist. Notably, in addition to English and my native Polish I speak German (idiomatic) and am fluent in French and Russian.

I bring to the position of IEEE President a unique combination of leadership, technical and people skills. This includes my recent experience from the TAB floor in leading a large and diverse group of high-level volunteers. I also work well with teams of people towards achieving goals. Through leading by example, collegiality, and openness I have been able to build effective teams and inspire many volunteers.

I have held several IEEE leadership positions in Technical Activities (including the 2014 TAB Chair as the most prominent), and in Publications, Products and Services and Technical Activities Boards. I was Chair of the Periodicals Committee (2010-11) and of the TAB Periodical Review and Advisory Committee (2012-13). I was active in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society as its President (2004-05) and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (1998-03). I also served as an Associate Editor of three different IEEE Transactions, was a Member of the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the IEEE, and chair or member of about 150 conference committees.

I strongly believe in the unique value of the Institute and am committed to it as a proud and global organization. As members and volunteers are IEEE’s core strength, I am committed to work with them and IEEE staff to help deliver strategic solutions while advancing member services. I have the time, knowledge, experience, and energy to lead the Institute.